Warehouse Protection

“You Can’t Steal, What You Can’t See”™


Warehouse Protection

Our mission has always been to offer YOU the business owner previously unseen security and protection for your stock and your staff. We do not offer a Security System we offer a PROTECTION System, a system that offers PROTECTION for your goods, PROTECTION for your staff and PROTECTION for your bottom line.

For far too long Security providers have failed to take into consideration the unique requirements specific to Warehouses and the contents stored within. Relying on existing technology that is simply updated technology of systems that have been around for many years does nothing to secure and more importantly STOP THE THEFT of product from your warehouse.

Warehouse storage and the contents stored within presents their own unique Security requirements not seen in a suburban retail store.

Taking into account the vast quantities of stock being held, the value of the stock which can quite easily exceed many millions and the often remote locations of the warehouse requires a Security solution that will fundamentally address these issues.

However not is all lost. There is an answer. A proven, documented answer.

The answer is Smokecloak.

This internationally recognised and multi awarded system can accommodate, protect and secure all manner of premises from the smallest room to Warehouses covering many hundreds of square metres.

The Smokecloak system completly turns the concept of Security on its head.

SmokeCloak™ Instant Fog Security



SmokeShield Australia supply & install all SmokeCloak® security products to suit your business & residential requirements.

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