Staff and Office Protection

“You Can’t Steal, What You Can’t See”™


 Staff and Office Protection


Thousands of other companies have now stopped their losses with Smokecloak Instant Protection, saving them millions of dollars and providing peace of mind.

Smokeshield Australia is the importer and distributor of computer controlled equipment for providing Instant Protection in the case of a break-in.
Extremely powerful artificial security fog generators sold under the Smokecloak brand are constructed to work seamlessly together with existing alarm installations, providing physical protection at the moment of attack, with a no contamination money back guarantee.
Martin Security Smoke is the most experienced and successful manufacturer and supplier of security smoke equipment for Instant Protection and loss prevention. Its patented Smokecloak range has an unsurpassed record of satisfied clients from many different types of industry and commerce, who are happy to share their trust and experiences with other potential users.
A DVD of examples and comments is available.
If your organisation is suffering from burglary or robberies, apply the proven disinfectant – Smokecloak.
We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Statement from Carphone Warehouse:
“The Carphone Warehouse have found Smokecloak to be the most efficient and cost effective solution to burglary within the marketplace during the last five years.”
Dean Saunders
European Loss Prevention Manager

Statement from Barclays Bank:
“Traditional methods had failed to deter robbers, however
Smokecloak has not only saved us from substantial cash losses but has prevented further severe trauma for our staff and customers.”

Tony Bayliss QPM
Head of Crime & Intelligence Management


SmokeCloak™ Instant Fog Security



SmokeShield Australia supply & install all SmokeCloak® security products to suit your business & residential requirements.

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