SmokeCloak Home Security Alarm Systems For Whittington

SmokeCloak delivers immediate results. Once activated, it takes only seconds for the entire room to be cloaked in a thick fog, obscuring both the premises and stock and taking burglars by surprise.  It makes them panic and become disorientated, and almost always they run off. If they’re tempted to return, they will find that the smoke remains and continues to protect the property for up to 45 minutes afterwards. SmokeCloak is harmless.  It doesn’t leave any residues and is entirely safe for both humans and animals; nor does it damage any equipment. It is a good solid investment

With operation in more than 50 countries throughout the World and more than 25 years of experience SmokeCloak is the market leader within fog solutions. It is about reducing losses in the initial minutes of a break-in, our fog solutions provide instant safety.

Premises and stock secured in second


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