The mobile solution

The SmokeCloak® EASY 24 is designed and developed specifically for vehicle usage. This vehicle unit is targeted at companies who transport desirable or high-value goods such as drugs, cigarettes, electronics, alcohol and cash.


Product features

  • Very high output of dense white fog for maximum protection
  • Harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects
  • The fog hangs up to an hour
  • Fluid re ll system
  • Danish design
  • Heavy duty sabotage resistant case
  • Internal system status LED indicators
  • Built-in self diagnostics
  • Electronic uid measurement system
  • Output signals for communication with existent alarm system
  • Input signals for
    controlling the SmokeCloak from existing alarm systemInstallation
  • Installation, service and maintenance friendly
  • Seamless integration with all existing alarm systems

Dimensions – 252 mm wide x 193 mm deep x 418 mm high

Installation weight – < 14 kg

Colour – white RAL 9016

Fluid – 1,0 litre uid re ll system

Electricity – 24VDC

Power consumption – [email protected]

Average power consumption – [email protected]

Reaction time – [email protected]

Output – 100 m3 / 30 sec. depending on the application (requirement to the visibility)

Pulse Function – Programmable via Dip switch

Heat up time (ready) – 42 min.