Smoke Fogging Security Systems For Shops

Fogging systems are designed to stop an intruder in their tracks by enveloping the immediate area in a dense cloud of harmless fog. Intruders can’t steal what they can’t see.

Woolworths Australia When nothing else worked, they turned to SmokeCloak

Woolworths Limited is one of Australia’s top 5 companies with multiple divisions, that include Supermarkets, Petrol and Liquor.

Our relationship with Woolworths Limited was established as a result of a series of burglaries, that were affecting their service stations. The primary target was the tobacco section. The first SmokeCloak System was installed in a Tasmanian stores in 2009. That store suffered no more burglaries. Buoyed on by this positive result Woolworths Petrol then decided to install SmokeCloak into 13 other problem sites. Again, the burglaries stopped. The worth of the investment to Woolworths had been proven. Other so called security systems had failed to stem the tide of burglaries, SmokeCloak stopped the problem. Woolworths Petrol armed with this proven evidence will now roll out SmokeCloak to any problem sites.

Offenders now set their eyes on Woolworths Supermarkets, where significant to- bacco stock is held. Brazen offenders would break into the store in the even- ing, whilst staff were night packing and in a short period of time remove an- ywhere between $ 30 – $ 40,000 AU of tobacco products. The assaults were relentless and presented Woolworths with 2 major problems protecting their stock and staff. Based on the results of the Woolworths Petrol situation Woolworths Supermarkets approached us for an answer. All other tried security measures had up to this date failed to stem the tide.

We installed Smokecloak into a Woolworths store above the Tobacco Section so as not to impede on the store appearance. Ceiling mounted it ensured a deluge of smoke into the protected area in a few seconds. For a while the burglaries stopped, but later they returned. This time the burglars got nothing. In another problem site the system was covertly installed in the ceiling. The offenders have since returned on 3 occasions and have fled empty handed.

The SmokeCloak product has proved its worth to the customer and returned to them via their investment into the system a more secure environment for both their stock and staff.



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