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“You Can’t Steal, What You Can’t See”™


Why you should think seriously about Smokecloak

We all know that existing Security Systems and CCTV Systems play a very small part in preventing the ACTUAL loss of goods from your store during a burglary.

Sure, they have a purpose and with alarm systems that is to let you know that a burglary is in process and CCTV systems have a role and that role is to provide clear (and expensive) images of the intruder rapidly exiting the store with your product under his arm.

Neither one of these technologies ACTUALLY protects your goods or your stock.
Smokecloak has turned the way we view Security Solutions on its head
The Smokecloak Instant Protection Solution
The Smokecloak System surpasses conventional security solutions by taking away the intruders ability to see the stock in a matter of seconds.
Protection in an instant. Literally.

The unit/s expels an application of dense fog to within the protected area in matter of seconds, the offender realising that his targeted high value stock is now completely masked by this intense thick fog and that he simply has no capability to move into the protected area is forced emptyhanded from the premises. In all likelihood he will seek out another premises to infiltrate that doesn’t have the protection of Smokecloak.

As for you, your store suffers NIL LOSSES and the intruder has gone in seconds.
NO residual. NO clean up. 100% safe for persons and property.
Why offenders absolutely detest Smokecloak

With literally thousands of successful installations both nationally in Australia and Internationally and with an undisputed success rate of around 99.9% Smokeshield Australia have managed over 15 years in Australia to gain a clearer insight into why this system continues to be so successful.

The reality is that intruders are lazy. They will focus on a soft target with minimum risk which equates to easy money.

If we are to present a barrier to them that makes their ability to complete their crime impossible they will rapidly exit your store and seek a softer target. An intruder is normally aware of what to encounter when he breaks in to a business premises. Alarm sounding, strobe going off, etc and he accounts for this. However when Smokecloak is activated there is an immediate loss of control from the intruders perspective. He no longer has control of the situation, the parameters have changed. The balance has swung against him. Shocked and disorientated by the experience he exits with haste.

You are not the only business selling that specific product.
With Smokecloak installed, you TAKE BACK CONTROL.
Your Guarantee of Quality

All Smokecloak Units are constructed from steel and are vandal resistant. Each unit is manufactured to ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance and comes with Australian C-Tick certification ensuring they comply with AS 2201.1 Standards for Security Devices.

Once the alarm is activated, the SmokeCloak unit immediately produces a vapour cloud, which effectively reduces visibility to just 30cm! (Glycol-based it is harmless to people, animals and property ) The intruder is thus unable to see what they have been trying to steal. They will be shocked and disorientated by the experience too.
Don’t rely on Systems that advise you after the event.
Be proactive with Smokecloak and ensure there is NO EVENT.
Smokecloak allows you the retailer to TAKE BACK CONTROL.

SmokeCloak™ Instant Fog Security



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