School Facility Protection Security

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School Facility Protection Security


Over a period of months, the new science block at Upton School in the UK has been repeatedly burgled. During these burglaries, computers, laptops and overhead projectors have been taken and the subsequent damage runs into thousands of pounds worth of repairs.

The effect on the pupils and staff was devastating, with months of course work and class programmes being lost or disrupted as a result. The intruder alarm on the building was working but the speed of the attacks made it almost impossible for anyone to attend in the time needed. All kinds of ideas were tried out in an attempt to put off the attacks, including the use of metal enclosures and locking away valuables every night, but these methods were time-consuming and took time away from teaching.
It was suggested that SmokeCloak® could provide a means of instant protection for the school. MSS Professional were invited to give a presentation and explain the benefits of SmokeCloak® to the school authorities. The system was well-received and a decision was made to install SmokeCloak® as soon as possible. This was just before the two-week shut-down of the school for the Christmas break, a most vulnerable period. The school was desperate for protection and with the help of MSS Professional and the alarm provider, the school was able to have 14 SmokeCloaks fitted before it closed for the holidays.
The result was a huge relief, with no losses or attempted attacks. The knowledge of the SmokeCloak® installation must have reached the criminals; this demonstrates the hidden advantage of the system which is the deterrent value and the
subsequent peace of mind as a result.
The idea of the SmokeCloak® system has now been embraced by numerous school authorities in the UK and many schools have installed SmokeCloak®

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