SmokeCloak™ Instant Fog Security

Smokecloak™ provides effective security and forces the intruders to leave the premises.

Smokecloak provides Constant fog density

The Cloaksensor, included in the standard model package, immediately starts reproducing fog as soon as the density diminishes. In this way it is useless that burglars try to let the fog escape through the doors or the windows.   For More information and a Free Demo...

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SmokeCloak has 3 year warranty

The final consumer gets a 3 year warranty on all SmokeCloak fog generators. In the event of a breakdown of the device we ensure a prompt service and eventual replacement. For More information and a Free Demo please call us at SmokeShield Australia Pty Ltd (03) 9501...

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SmokeCloak is thoroughly tested and certified

SmokeCloak fog generators are produced in compliance with the rigorous ISO9001-standards. All devices have been thoroughly tested and were the first in Belgium to comply with all requirements for the EN50131-8:2009 certificate.   For More information and a Free Demo...

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