IPA 117 Siren The Intimidator


The IPA117 has been specifically developed to be used to provide intense localised protection in conjunction with Smokecloak Security Smoke Vapour generators, but can be used as a stand-alone security device. The IPA 117 is an ideal compliment to Security Smoke in small or unusually shaped locations with spread out valuable/ high-risk areas.

Why Does it work ?

The human body is a fine tuned machine that relies on all senses to accomplish a task or fulfil a movement. If any of these senses are interfered with or removed the task of functioning correctly is greatly affected and consequently the brains ability to react normally is evaporated.

By interfering with this focus level in any manner that is severe enough to disorientate the brains normal evaluation process will directly affect the offenders ability to proceed. Expanding on from this, the same principle of senses depravation is the debilitating effect of the IPA 117 Intimidator..

Unlike conventional siren that transmit at a steady frequency , the IPA 117 Intimidator covers a frequency spectrum from 2 — 3khz and within that frequency range multiple tones are produced and oscillate in a random pattern. These random frequencies interact with the inner ear that directly effects the offenders balance and sense of well being and enters into the sensory pattern and the longer he stays the worse they will feel.

Placed into this hostile environmen and the of  depravation of the senses is accomplished by affecting the inner ear of the human body and transmit danger signals to the brain and is constantly addressing all senses leave the offender no option but to exit immediately.

The IPA 117 is 100% safe and complies with the AU/NZ 2201.1.2007 standards.

Design & construction

The patented sound of the IPA 117 is produced by extremely powerful transducers driven by a custom built amplifier.This makes the IPA 117 capable of producing 117 db of intolerable sound at a distance of 1 metre.

  • The built-in alarm interface makes it easy to connect to any electronic alarm installation and with on board battery back up, reliable protection is secured.
  • The IPA 117 is designed to easily to fit into all types of buildings. The outer casing is made of aluminium, and incorporates sabotage protection.
  • The IPA 117 can be easily linked with other IPA 117 units in order to protect a larger areas; the Smokecloak products can be used to control the IPA 117.


  • The customised holder makes it possible to mount it on walls, in corners, on ceilings or around the edges of rooms etc.
  • IPA 117 is easy to install and can complement or replace existing sirens or sounders.

Quality assurance

  • The IPA 117 ` Imtimidator ` is designed and manufactured by MSS rigorous quality system and is EXCLUSIVE to Smokecloak.
  • Product specifications:
    • 117dB output
    • 2-4000Hz frequency range
    • High quality design
    • Battery Back up
    • Full flexible mounting position
    • Heavy duty sabotage resistant case
    • Can be integrated with other Smokecloak products
    • Easy link system for multiple units
    • Compact space saving design


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