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Burglars don’t need a lot of time to make off with your valuables and items. Many times, the goal is to get in and out as fast as possible, getting away before the authorities or security can get there.

While it’s best to make sure they never break in in the first place, there are ways of tripping up robbers as they try to escape. And one way is using security fog, also know as security smoke.

The system works by quickly evaporating a substance composed glycol or glycerine mixed with water, which turns into a smoky white mass that fills the room. Security fog or smoke systems also often include a loud siren and strobe light, which combined with fog or smoke help to disorient those who are trying to make off with your stolen goods.

The fog security systems are usually implemented alongside other security measures, like motion detectors and CCTV cameras. The systems have been put in place in jewellery stores, gun shops, petrol stations,Tobacconist and other often targeted retail stores for a number of years, but they’re also available for home use.

The benefits of a security fog smoke system are numerous. They are hard to circumvent, as the smoke usually sticks around for quite some time. But besides temporarily obscuring vision, the smoke has no lasting effect. It is non-toxic and leaves no residue, so it can be used around a range of valuables.

The fast-acting smoke can even scare a criminal away. While it won’t cause any lasting harm, the robber doesn’t know that. Combined with the loud alarms and flashing lights, the systems can act as a great secondary deterrent.

Of course, the smoke screen should be a last resort — but if you want to be sure a criminal won’t make off with stolen goods, a security smoke system may be the right choice.


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