ATM, Bank and Cash Protection

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ATM, Bank and Cash Protection




The cash handling, financial and banking companies have always taken the threat of villainous attacks very seriously and are constantly striving to improve their security measures.
In spite of considerable investments in both the building infrastructure and the quality of electronic security and CCTV equipment that are used, these premises remain a target due to the presence of cash, which is highly attractive for criminals.
SmokeCloakPty Ltd supplies the SmokeCloak® range of instant protection products which generate huge volumes of dense white vapour that blocks the villain’s attempts to steal. SmokeCloaks are today used around the world to protect the following cash handling equipment and premises:

  • ATMs
  • Banking halls
  • Vaults and safes
  • Foreign exchange premises
  • Data protection equipment,
  • offices and computers
  • Cash in transit (vehicles & depots)

The SmokeCloak® solution was initially used to provide after-hours protection against break and enter attacks. Thieves were working on the basis that the response time to the alarm would be more than 5 minutes. They anticipated the alarm activating and reduced the time they were in the premises so that they had vacated the scene before the police or the armed response arrived.
SmokeCloak® has been proved to provide protection in the vital minutes prior to the security services response.

In recent years, the requirement for cash to be available 24 hours a day has led to a proliferation of ATMs (automatic teller machines). The scale of the growth in this sector has been such that today there are over 1.2 million ATMs in use with a new ATM being installed every 5 minutes (source: ATMIA).
From a security perspective, this creates a new sort of problem, as the criminal is allowed free access to the premises and can take as much time as he needs to prepare for a physical attack on the ATM without activating the alarm. In such cases, the attack time after the alarm is activated is often less than 2 minutes, making the requirement to be able to use an instant response even more important.

The SmokeCloak® can be integrated into any existing security system. It can be part of the premises’ standard alarm system where it can be activated by conventional PIRs, seismic sensors, heat sensors, or tamper circuits. Alternatively, it can be integrated into a remote security system with two-way communication links and 24-hour surveillance.

Another trend that is being observed with the increasing use of ATMs on third-party sites is that the robberies are being committed by users of drugs and alcohol who have a lower threshold for violence and are less concerned about attempting robberies during the day when the premises are open for their normal trade. The SmokeCloak®solution is also proving to be very effective in such circumstances.

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