Active Anti Theft Security

The SmokeCloak fog security systems are usually implemented alongside other security measures, like motion detectors, CCTV and security alarms. The systems have been put in place in jewelry stores, gun shops, retail stores and other often targeted retail stores for a number of years, but they’re also available for home use.

The benefits of a security fog – smoke system are numerous. They are hard to circumvent, as the smoke usually sticks around for quite some time. But besides temporarily obscuring vision, the smoke has no lasting effect. It is non-toxic and leaves no residue, so it can be used around a range of valuables.

The fast-acting fog – smoke can even scare a criminal away. While it won’t cause any lasting harm, the robber doesn’t know that. Combined with the loud alarms and flashing lights, the systems can act as a great deterrent and will stop the crime.

Fog Security Solutions