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SmokeCloak™ Instant Fog Security will secure your premises within seconds making it impossible for the burglar to steal anything !

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Retail Smoke Security Systems for Burglary



Conventional alarms & CCTV systems used today are informative ONLY and “DO NOT STOP THEFT” and by the time Security or Police arrive the thieves are long gone as well as you property.If you have ever experienced a Burglary you are well aware of the cost and loss to your business

Proven and documented results have shown that when a SmokeCloak® smoke security system is installed on the premises, instances of theft have been reduced to virtually to ZERO.
Why it works for within seconds of a break-in the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog which provides an effective security barrier in your retail area and forces the intruders to leave the premises.
Microprocessor controlled equipment which provides instant security within your retail space at the time of a break-in or day-time raid

  • Protection in seconds — security in your retail premises and stock are quickly ensured
  • Proven Security that works
  • Designed to integrate — use with existing electronic alarm systems
  • Good investment
  • No residues — does not damage equipment
  • Peace of mind — knowing premises are safe.
  • Total safe for humans, animals and property
  • ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance

Patented Anti Theft Technology – The SmokeCloak® smoke security systems is used for varied applications, from closed rooms to targeted use with banks, store fronts to warehouse protection, with the SmokeCloak® placed high and out of range of vandalism.
MSS Professional Ltd. in the UK has achieved police recognition, including endorsement of the SmokeCloak® security systems with the “Secured by Design” UK police preferred specification.
Defining the security fog industry

The world’s leading fog / smoke security system manufactured under the SmokeCloak® brand.

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ATM, Bank and Cash Protection




The cash handling, financial and banking companies have always taken the threat of villainous attacks very seriously and are constantly striving to improve their security measures.
In spite of considerable investments in both the building infrastructure and the quality of electronic security and CCTV equipment that are used, these premises remain a target due to the presence of cash, which is highly attractive for criminals.
SmokeCloakPty Ltd supplies the SmokeCloak® range of instant protection products which generate huge volumes of dense white vapour that blocks the villain’s attempts to steal. SmokeCloaks are today used around the world to protect the following cash handling equipment and premises:

  • ATMs
  • Banking halls
  • Vaults and safes
  • Foreign exchange premises
  • Data protection equipment,
  • offices and computers
  • Cash in transit (vehicles & depots)

The SmokeCloak® solution was initially used to provide after-hours protection against break and enter attacks. Thieves were working on the basis that the response time to the alarm would be more than 5 minutes. They anticipated the alarm activating and reduced the time they were in the premises so that they had vacated the scene before the police or the armed response arrived.
SmokeCloak® has been proved to provide protection in the vital minutes prior to the security services response.

Follow this link for a more detailed information on ATM Protection
In recent years, the requirement for cash to be available 24 hours a day has led to a proliferation of ATMs (automatic teller machines). The scale of the growth in this sector has been such that today there are over 1.2 million ATMs in use with a new ATM being installed every 5 minutes (source: ATMIA).
From a security perspective, this creates a new sort of problem, as the criminal is allowed free access to the premises and can take as much time as he needs to prepare for a physical attack on the ATM without activating the alarm. In such cases, the attack time after the alarm is activated is often less than 2 minutes, making the requirement to be able to use an instant response even more important.

The SmokeCloak® can be integrated into any existing security system. It can be part of the premises’ standard alarm system where it can be activated by conventional PIRs, seismic sensors, heat sensors, or tamper circuits. Alternatively, it can be integrated into a remote security system with two-way communication links and 24-hour surveillance.

Another trend that is being observed with the increasing use of ATMs on third-party sites is that the robberies are being committed by users of drugs and alcohol who have a lower threshold for violence and are less concerned about attempting robberies during the day when the premises are open for their normal trade. The SmokeCloak®solution is also proving to be very effective in such circumstances.

SmokeCloak® now protects several thousand cash handling sites around the world as part of both local and remote security systems. Such has been the success of the SmokeCloak® that the ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) presented an award. They noted that in an environment of increased ATM crime in several countries, the awards are timely recognitions of achievement in this important area of the industry. One of the judges had this to say about the SmokeCloak: “The fact that SmokeCloak ® is low cost, and can be easily integrated into a premises’ alarm system makes it an attractive addition to the security options vailable to ATM operators”.

ATM Bank Security Brochure

Staff and Office Protection




Over a period of months, the new science block at Upton School in the UK has been repeatedly burgled. During these burglaries, computers, laptops and overhead projectors have been taken and the subsequent damage runs into thousands of pounds worth of repairs.

The effect on the pupils and staff was devastating, with months of course work and class programmes being lost or disrupted as a result. The intruder alarm on the building was working but the speed of the attacks made it almost impossible for anyone to attend in the time needed. All kinds of ideas were tried out in an attempt to put off the attacks, including the use of metal enclosures and locking away valuables every night, but these methods were time-consuming and took time away from teaching.
It was suggested that SmokeCloak® could provide a means of instant protection for the school. MSS Professional were invited to give a presentation and explain the benefits of SmokeCloak® to the school authorities. The system was well-received and a decision was made to install SmokeCloak® as soon as possible. This was just before the two-week shut-down of the school for the Christmas break, a most vulnerable period. The school was desperate for protection and with the help of MSS Professional and the alarm provider, the school was able to have 14 SmokeCloaks fitted before it closed for the holidays.
The result was a huge relief, with no losses or attempted attacks. The knowledge of the SmokeCloak® installation must have reached the criminals; this demonstrates the hidden advantage of the system which is the deterrent value and the
subsequent peace of mind as a result.
The idea of the SmokeCloak® system has now been embraced by numerous school authorities in the UK and many schools have installed SmokeCloak®.

Smoke Security for Jewellery, Staff and Stock Protection



With extremely high value stock clearly on display in the windows, a huge amount is at stake for jewellers and their businesses. Security is therefore very important, and jewellers have always taken the threat of robbery and break-ins very seriously. This creates a need to constantly strive to improve security measures.

Like many other jewellery stores, a jeweller from Australia, New Zealand and the UK all have both TV surveillance and an elaborate alarm system installed these help after the occurrence.
These current methods are not an effective deterrent and there is a URGENT need to do something to protect the staff from armed robbery.
The critical issues for jewellery stores and other shops with high-value stock are ensuring that intruders leave the premises immediately, without taking or damaging stock, and ensuring that staff are safe and secure if the robbery occurs during opening hours. This is accomplished by taking away the intruders’ ability to see the stock in a matter of seconds.
The application of a dense field of fog, aimed directionally, means that the intruders still have a corridor by which to leave the premises — an important issue for the safety of the staff and to limit damage.
In addition to automatic activation with a break-in for after hours, SmokeCloak® can be activated manually with a hold-up button, which can also be radio operated.

Jewellers Security Brochure

Staff and Office Protection




Thousands of other companies have now stopped their losses with Smokecloak Instant Protection, saving them millions of dollars and providing peace of mind.

Smokeshield Australia is the importer and distributor of computer controlled equipment for providing Instant Protection in the case of a break-in.
Extremely powerful artificial security fog generators sold under the Smokecloak brand are constructed to work seamlessly together with existing alarm installations, providing physical protection at the moment of attack, with a no contamination money back guarantee.
Martin Security Smoke is the most experienced and successful manufacturer and supplier of security smoke equipment for Instant Protection and loss prevention. Its patented Smokecloak range has an unsurpassed record of satisfied clients from many different types of industry and commerce, who are happy to share their trust and experiences with other potential users.
A DVD of examples and comments is available.
If your organisation is suffering from burglary or robberies, apply the proven disinfectant – Smokecloak.
We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Statement from Carphone Warehouse:
“The Carphone Warehouse have found Smokecloak to be the most efficient and cost effective solution to burglary within the marketplace during the last five years.”
Dean Saunders
European Loss Prevention Manager

Statement from Barclays Bank:
“Traditional methods had failed to deter robbers, however
Smokecloak has not only saved us from substantial cash losses but has prevented further severe trauma for our staff and customers.”

Tony Bayliss QPM
Head of Crime & Intelligence Management

Office & End User Security Brochure

Warehouse Smoke Security for Stock Protection




Why is SmokeCloak® the right solution for the Instant theft and intrusion prevention for warehouse security?

  • Gives you protection in seconds after the alarm has been activated, your facility is secure.
  • Easy to install: works with any existing warehouse security alarm system.
  • Good for morale: wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go home in the evening knowing that the facility is safe until the next day?
  • Good investment.
  • SmokeCloak® vapour is safe for humans, animals and property.
  • Does not damage the computers, electronics etc
  • SmokeCloak® products are manufactured at the state-of-the-art facilities in Louth, UK.
  • SmokeCloak® has been endorsed with the “Secured by Design” UK police preferred specification.

There is something appealing about a large warehouse for a burglar.

  • A high value of goods is gathered at one place
  • Warehouses are often placed in an industrial area,
  • There are few people around to disturb the intruders overnight or at the weekend.

SmokeCloak® has considerable experience with instant intrusion prevention solutions for warehouse security where the major requirement is securing the premises outside of working hours. Despite the best efforts of the police and security companies, the remote location of most industrial estates means that response times are to long for conventional electronic and physical security.

Traditional warehouse security solutions usually involve three approaches to intrusion prevention

  1. Firstly, an alarm system alerts the police or the security company, in the event of a break-in. This however has the risk of a long response time.
  2. Secondly, a CCTV system can record the break-in. However, if the intruders wear masks, identification is very difficult.
  3. Thirdly, a grille or other physical barrier can be used, but once the intruders have gained entry, these are superfluous.
  4. SmokeCloak® offers a fourth alternative, supplementing these three options.

SmokeCloak® from MSS Professional surpasses conventional warehouse security solutions by taking away the intruders’ ability to see the valuables in a matter of seconds.

The application of a dense field of fog, aimed directionally, means that the intruders still have a corridor by which to leave the premises, which is important to ensure minimal damage to stock and plant, and is also an important safety factor for any staff that may be on the premises.

Specially designed SmokeCloak® units with fan assistance are capable of filling many thousands of cubic metres of warehouse space with dense fog within seconds, while additional ensure local protection around doors and other points of entry.

When used together with a powerful strobe light from MSS Professional, conditions quickly become untenable for intruders.

Warehouse Security Brochure

SmokeCloak™ In Action - Watch it work

Video - IGA Robbery - SmokeCloak security

Video - Service station robbery - SmokeCloak Security

Video - Armed hold up stopped by SmokeCloak security

Video - Warehouse Security SmokeCloak Theft prevention

Video - Supermarket GreenBank QLD - SmokeCloak

Video - SmokeCloak Stops Burglary - ACA 2012

Video -Tobacco Store Break In - Stopped by Smokecloak

Video - Bank Robbery Stop with SmokeCloak

Video - SmoakCloak Service Station Robbery

Video - smokecloak Demo by SmokeShield

Video - SmoakCloak protects jewellery shop

Video - SmoakCloak stops Robbery & Burglary

SmokeCloak™ What our Clients Say about Us

We are happy to recommend Smokecloak as in less than a month it has proved 100% successful. I have no hesitation in writing this Testimonials and am only too pleased to discuss the benefits that the Smokecloak System has provided us. Please feel free to contact me on my Mobile 0413 769 625. (  read more ) 


Miro Sloup

Finance Director , BP Service Stations (Jasbe Petroleum)

My personal and professional opinion of the product is that it represents one of the best preventative devices in the current market and I wish you well with future development. ( read more )

Colin Court

UK Investigations Manager, BlockBuster Entertainment Limited

Not only will SmokeCloak TM protect the premises after hours, but in the South African scenario it has proved equally valuable during business hours. SmokeCloak TM is capable of, for example, putting a stop to an almost daily occurrence of unsuspecting business people arriving at their premises somewhere in South Africa only to find that Burglars had penetrated their building ( read more )

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