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"You can't steal, what you can't see™"

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Did you know 85% of all robberies are completed before Police or Security can arrive?
Why Choose Smokecloak™?

Smokecloak™ is a worldwide proven security system and is the only true method of actually stopping theft.

Thieves are fully aware of the long delays before the arrival of Police or Security.Time is their weakness.

The Only UNIT that has been tested and certified to EN50131-8

  .Finance Smokecloak! costs less than one intrusion, with rental and finance available to approved customers

       Key Advantages:

  • Only device which addresses the critical time/gap after a break-in occurs.
  • Reduces visibility within premises practically to 0 in under 60 seconds.
  • Rapidly forces the intruder from your premises.
  • Impedes the thiefs ability to see and steal your goods.
  • Recognised and proven worldwide.
  • Recommended by insurance companies.
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality assured
  • Smokecloak complies with AU/NZ Code of practice FS-2011-F2A
  • "Can`t see it, you can`t steal it."(TM)
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